Monday, February 28, 2011

Jangan d'bace dialog ni. assignment ni.

Me : Assalamualaikum Encik Nafrizuan.

Mr.N : Waalaikumussalam.

Me : I’m here because I want to ask your opinion and a few suggestion from you about my PSM project. The first thing, the problem I think, the housewives usually use a vaccuum cleaner at home to clean their house and I want to help them to save their time and maybe they can do another thing. So I decide to design robotic vaccuum.

Mr.N : Okay , your problem now is housewives have vaccuum cleaner but its not robotic. That’s mean they are manual. So you want to avoid them from using this by using an automatic or robotic. Okay , good.

Me : About this robotic cleaner , I decide to design it can be control by a controller or it can be moving itself like autopilot.

Mr.N : Okay, for using the autopilot, I think it was already in market now. Better you concentrate on the wireless control, I mean by using remote control something like that.

Me : Something like toy car?

Mr.N : No, for that thing , all housewives must have time to use remote control. I mean, like press one button and the robot automatically do their job. But not auto clean, because auto clean they just use a space to clean but the remote control what I want to say, you have to set which part of your house you want to clean.

Me : But for the autopilot, I think I want to put sensors around the vaccuum cleaner so they can sense. When they near the wall, they can turn around.

Mr.N : Okay, quite nice. So you want fix to the auto clean? Okay, no problem.

Me : Maybe you have some suggestion about this robotic vaccuum cleaner?

Mr.N : First of all, the size of your robot must not equal to the current or conventional vaccuum cleaner. Because, if it is bigger than that, its not worth it. The user will turn their face to the conventional one. Who want to buy the bigger one. The second thing, your size of the vaccuum cup must be larger than current or conventional one because more vaccuum bag, you have more dust to suck into that one. So, you have frequently to put out your dust into the vaccuum.

Me : What about the time to make this project. Maybe?

Mr.N : I think. Better you go for the conventional one and then you reverse engineering that vaccuum cleaner and put the element of automatic what you say before. Something like sensor or controller. Because if you want to do from the scratch, I think using the gantt chart, you actually on PSM1 anf PSM2, you cannot finish all of them. Better you do from the base is current of conventional.

Me : The system?

Mr.N : Yes and improve to the else one. Okay, before that. Do you think your project will be significantly to the commercialisation to the market?

Me : I think yes because for the example, I can see my mother like she tired cleaning the house everyday. So I think I want to help her in cleaning house and she can rest. So, the robotic just do their job.

Mr.N : Okay maybe you can talk about your scope of research . I mean your vaccuum cleaner are only use for home or can be use for carwash, large banquet hall and something like that.

Me : Maybe like large place like hall.

Mr.N : So you must put into your scope of research that you want to do a vaccuum cleaner for the large space.

Me : Not for small place like in the car. For carwash, its not suitable because its hard for the vaccuum cleaner to move.

Mr.N : I agree towards your project. So, I hope that you will succeed to do this as your final year project when the times come. So , anything you want to ask?

Me : I think there’s nothing I want to ask. Thank you sir.